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What is Hathor?

Hathor Architecture (DAG + Blockchain)
Hathor is a blockchain technology, with two main differentials:
  • It is highly scalable without weakening security and decentralization.
  • It is easy to use, implementing sophisticated features — that in other blockchains require smart contracts — as off-the-shelf solutions.

Key Features

  • High scalability: the technology is a natural evolution of Bitcoin's blockchain, achieving 200+ transactions per second with no central coordinator or master nodes.
  • Easy to use: a scalable blockchain where anyone can create their own token in less than a minute. No need to know about "gas", "solidity", or "ERC-20".
  • Zero fees: you don't have to pay anything to send or receive tokens.
  • Built-in atomic swap: different tokens can be reliably exchanged on the same transaction.

Getting Started

A two minutes video explaining how Hathor technology works: