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  • Wallet is the component of a blockchain system that enables the management of funds by end users. From the point of view of the blockchain end users, a wallet is analogous to a bank account, and its implementations are analogous to banking applications, cashiers, and ATMs.
  • Wallet application is an application that implements wallets for one or multiple blockchains.
  • Headless wallet is a service that implements a wallet, and whose interface is an API.

What is Hathor headless wallet?

Hathor headless wallet is the official headless wallet of Hathor.
Unlike Hathor desktop wallet and Hathor mobile wallet — where there is a graphical user interface — Hathor headless wallet is controlled by an API only. It is the recommended alternative to integrate with Hathor system.


Beyond the basic features inherent in any wallet application, Hathor headless wallet has the following features:
  • Wallets: multi-signature; read-only.
  • Addresses: generate a virtually infinite number.
  • Transactions: select inputs; multiple outputs; data script outputs; history; atomic swap.
  • Custom tokens: create; mint (issue); melt (destroy).
  • NFTs: create; mint (issue); melt (destroy).
  • External notifications: plug-in to embed wallet notifications in third-party systems.


This section provides the resources to operate Hathor headless wallet.




This section provides the resources to use Hathor headless wallet.


Hathor headless wallet API documentation: the comprehensive reference.

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