Hathor Network

1. How do I store HTR on a ledger?

Hathor can be stored on Ledger Nano. A walkthrough of how to do this is available in the article Hathor is available in Ledger.

2. When will Hathor be off developer mode and go full in Ledger Nano?

It depends on the review of the Ledger team. Nonetheless, it is simple to use it in dev mode. A walkthrough of how to do this can be found in the article Hathor is available in Ledger.

3. How can I withdraw my NFTs from the Hathor Ledger wallet?

A detailed tutorial on how to store custom tokens and NFTs in Ledger is available in this video. However, it is important to take into account some particularities and limitations:
  • Tokens with emojis (or any non-UTF-8 printable character) are not supported as this could create issues with Ledger and also cause security concerns
  • A maximum of 10 custom tokens plus the native HTR token can be sent in a single transaction (this limitation is exclusive to Ledger)
  • When sending NFTs the amount shown on Ledger is decimal (1 NFT equals 0.01)
  • It is not possible to mint or melt custom tokens or NFTs using Ledger
  • Before transferring a token it must be trusted.
  • When resetting token signatures it is only possible to reset all tokens at once, not just a single one
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