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Common Errors and Known Solutions

Error initializing node. The last time you started your node you did a full verification that was stopped in the middle. The storage is not reliable anymore and, because of that, you must initialize with a full verification again or remove your storage and do a full sync.

As detailed in the Common Errors section of the Full Node guide, there are two possible causes of that error:
  1. 1.
    The last time you executed your full node it wasn't stopped correctly. The storage is not reliable anymore and, because of that, you must run a full verification or remove your storage and do a full sync. A recommended way to speed up the sync process is by downloading a snapshot of the network.
  2. 2.
    You tried to run the full node connecting to both networks (testnet and mainnet) using the same data directory. You need to use different data directories for testnet and mainnet.
Running a full verification is slower than removing the data and starting the sync again with a snapshot.

Error Message: Reached maximum number of subscribed addresses without output.

This error indicates that the maximum number of addresses without transactions has been reached. Under the hood, the full node counts every empty address that was requested, even if they were not generated consecutively. Empty addresses are derived up to the limit defined by the WS_MAX_SUBS_ADDRS_EMPTY param. When such a threshold is reached, the referred error is thrown. Two main actions can be taken:
  1. 1.
    Use the default value of the gapLimit parameter in the wallet headless.
  2. 2.
    Set the gapLimit parameter with the number of addresses to be generated in sequence without usage in the config.js file of the wallet headless. In this case, if you are not running your own full node, it must also be done. A detailed roadmap of how to run a full node locally is available in the sections Running in Docker and Running from Source Code of the Full Node guide. For running the full node, set the WS_MAX_SUBS_ADDRS_EMPTY param with the same value of the GAP limit pointed out to the wallet headless. More details about how to run a full node with a custom configuration are available in the section Custom Configuration of the Full Node guide.
A more complete explanation about the gap limit may also be found in the Gap Limit entry of the Fundamentals section.

Timeout solving transaction's proof-of-work. All transactions need to solve a proof-of-work as an anti-spam mechanism. Currently, Hathor Labs provides this service for free, but their servers may be fully loaded right now.

This error can be generated if you are trying to send a transaction and the transaction mining service is fully loaded at that time. In that case, you should wait a little longer before trying to resend the transaction. On the other hand, if you are trying to send multiple transactions, allow more time between each transaction.
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